Indoor Soccer is an exciting adaptation of the world game. It emphasises the importance of teamwork with running, passing and ball skills to provide a high energy, fast moving game.

Soft furry soccer balls are used to maximise skill level whilst minimising the risk of injury. This hugely popular sport showcases the unique skills of the outdoor game with the convenience and comfort of indoors and professional competition management. Competitions are available for senior Mens and Mixed or junior teams of all standards – novice, social or competitive.

The Indoor Soccer competition runs for approximately 18 to 26 weeks including finals and is currently played on Sunday afternoon/evenings. Friday night competitions will go ahead if sufficient teams nominate.

We can cater for teams or individuals. Should you or a few others wish to participate in Soccer but are unable to get enough players for a team, we will try and organise a few extra players for you, or we will gladly find an existing team for you to play in.

Game fees are $60.00 per game (you can rotate up to 10 players in a game, with 4 on the court at any one time), and there is a one off fee of $80.00 per team for Registration per competition.

Teams are required to wear matching shirts as a uniform from round 5.

Games will be played in accordance with the latest Rule book, and the Centre’s ‘Captains Notes’ and other local rules issued from time to time.

All umpires and equipment are provided by the Centre.




For information sheets and registration forms, please click on the links below to get the forms.

For online registration please click HERE.

Rebound Summer Information Sheet

Summer Player Registration Form

Summer Team Form(team organisers only)

Summer Rebound Soccer Training Flyer

Summer Rebound Soccer Training Registration Form

Junior Rebound Rules 2019-20

  • Team Make Up – You can register all boys, all girls or mixed teams.
  • All competitions will be mixed (unless enough girls teams enter, in which case we will run a girls only division).
  • Register as an individual or a team (If you have a couple of friends we will put you into the same team).
  • Each team is required to supply their own matching shirts (numbered for 12 yrs and up), and it is compulsory for all players to wear shorts, socks, shin pads and runners.

Further Information If you require any additional information please email us at


What times will we play on Saturdays?

Check the Junior Summer information sheet, it will have a time zone in which we expect the relevant age groups to have their matches scheduled within.

How many players per team?

Ideally, to allow for players being away or sick, 7 players per team seems to be a good number. Teams play with 5 on the field and rotate players at the end of each quarter.

Can I register as an individual or with a few friends?

Yes, indicate on your sheet who you would like to play with, and we will organise you into the same team.

Registration Forms

All players will need to complete an individual player registration form which we will attach to team registration forms submitted by team organisers, if your child is already part of a team.

What do I need to do to organise a team?

Complete a team registration form and send it in ASAP so we can allow for the team in our competition organising. You don’t need to have any individual registrations or payments with the form, once we have the form, parents can organise their own childs individual player registration form.

Will there be training?

The competition is more about participation, and training is not something organised as part of participating in this competition. Some teams do organise their own trainings, but this is up to each team to determine, and some teams hire courts on weekday afternoons for practice.

What is the uniform requirement?

Matching shirts apply, but we can use bibs for the first few weeks to allow you to get shirts organised. All age groups from 12 and over must have numbered shirts.

When do registrations close?

We will be taking registrations on an ongoing basis, but to guarantee a position in a team please register ASAP.

What type of shoes do I need to wear?

Normal runners. Do not wear shoes with studs, spikes or blades.

Do I need shinpads?

Yes, all players must wear shinpads and long socks to cover the shinpads.

Can I buy shinpads at the sports centre?

Yes, we have a number of different types and sizes ranging in price from $7 to $30.

Can I buy long socks at the sports centre?

Yes, we have socks available, ranging in price from $6.00 to $20.00.

When will game times be available for the each week?

Game times for the first few weeks will be posted about a week before on the website homepage. We will then get a draw out once we have settled on the age divisions.