REBOUND SOCCER DRAW: The “regular” season has no games this long weekend.  There are bonus games this Saturday (with nerf too) for teams that nominated to play an extra game this long weekend.   The draw for these bonus games is Bonus Games 6 and 14 March 2021 v3(updated 6:10pm Wed 3 Mar).  Normal rebound soccer games resume Saturday 13 March.  There is another bonus round with additional games on Sunday 14 March, again this is for some of the teams that nominated to play an extra game.

** For games played this Saturday please note the start times as games are spaced 45 minutes apart to allow a good amount of time on the NERF War Battlefield.  Proceed to the battlefield immediately after your soccer game so your team can be given the safety briefing.


Want to play outdoor?  Join one of your local clubs, Weston Molonglo Football Club or Woden Valley Soccer Club

Want to play indoor instead or complement your outdoor game skills?  We have a Sunday afternoon Winter Season (3-5pm) from 2 May to 22 August.  Details are available here: Winter Indoor Soccer



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