Junior Indoor Cricket

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If you have any questions that aren’t addressed here, please email them to us at cricket@westonis.com.au.
Up to 10 players can play on a team in a game. Players 9 & 10 would play as half of players 7 & 8, with 7&9 being treated as 1 player, who will be called 7-9 on the scoresheet.
Register your team, or put your name down and we will try and get you into a team.
We provide the playing equipment & parents can sit and relax as we do all the scoring and umpiring.


Do parents need to do any umpiring/scoring etc.

No, we do all the umpiring and scoring.

When do registrations close?

We will be taking registrations on an ongoing basis, but to guarantee a position in a team please register ASAP.

How many players in a team?

There is eight (8) players per team. You can register more than 8 players in your team, but you can only play a maximum of 8 players in any one game.

What type of shoes do I need to wear?

Normal runners. Do not wear any shoes with spikes or dimples. Black soled shoes that cause any marking are not allowed.

What equipment do I need?

We will provide bats and gloves for the players to use. Boys will need to have a protector

Can I use my own equipment?

Yes, you can use your own bat and batting gloves, (outdoor bats and gloves are perfectly fine to use. Helmets and pads for batsmen and wicket keepers are not allowed.

Can I buy a protector and other equipment at the sports centre?

Yes, we have a few different types of protectors that are between $5 and $9. We also sell indoor batting gloves, indoor wicket-keeping gloves and indoor bats.

Do we need matching shirts?

We won’t be enforcing penalties for non-matching shirts, but we will be asking teams to try and wear the same coloured shirts.

What other clothing do I need to wear?

For pants players are able to wear shorts, tracksuit pants (cricket pants are fine). Jeans are not permitted attire.

When will game times be available for the each week?

Game times for the following week will be posted on the website about a week before the games. We will then get a draw out once we have settled on the age divisions.