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COVID-19 Update -Senior Sports 17 March 2020


COVID-19 Update: 17 March 2020

Weston Indoor Sports is open and games are being played as scheduled.

Our focus is to maintain a safe and healthy environment for our players and the wider community so they can continue to enjoy their sport, while taking reasonable actions to limit the possibility of exposure to COVID-19.

We will continue to ensure we are operating in line with the advice provided by the Territory and Federal governments, as it relates to Indoor Sports Centres.

Therefore, we are asking everyone attending the centre to immediately adhere to the following:

  1. PLEASE DO NOT attend the centre if you:
    • have any flu-like symptoms;
    • have returned from international travel in the past 14 days;
    • have been in direct contact with a known case of COVID-19 in the past 14 days;
    • Also, it is recommended that if you are at a high risk from a health perspective, including the elderly and those with pre-existing medical conditions, you should not attend the centre.
  2. Be vigilant with your hand washing.
  3. Refrain from shaking hands, please consider a verbal or non-contact acknowledgement such as a nod and thank you.
  4. It is recommended that players do not participate in team huddles and refrain from contact in celebration of goals/wickets etc.
  5. Please stand back and allow all players to leave the court before entering.

We will be implementing strategies to reduce the likelihood of unnecessary and extended social contact and at this stage will be applying the following as required:

  1. We ask teams to stand back 1.5m from the court entries to allow entry and exit of courts with reduced contact between players.
  2. Teams may pay their game fee:
    • by tap and go (preferable, at this time),
    • (as a full team fee) into our bank account to avoid social contact at the games counter if they feel it necessary.

We have increased frequency of cleaning and disinfecting the surfaces and equipment at the centre.

Sorry, but we will not be handing out balls to kids at this time.

The following relates to specific sports:


  • All netballs will be sanitised before each game.
  • Gloves for netball will no longer be available to hire, you may purchase a pair for as little as $5.00 from the front desk.
  • Bibs will be available and are used only once on the night. All bibs will be washed before being used again.

Soccer (seniors)

  • All soccer balls will be sanitised before each game.
  • We would strongly encourage every team to have matching coloured shirts so that bib use is limited as far as possible.
  • Goalkeeper gloves cannot be borrowed, please use your own gloves.


  • Batting gloves for cricket will no longer be available to borrow. You may purchase a pair for $2.00 from the counter.
  • We would strongly recommend you use the white cotton/knitted gloves with the wicket-keeping Gloves will be sprayed with a sanitiser.


  • All volleyballs will be sanitised before each game.

We will continue to stay across all regulatory changes and update our processes accordingly.

If you have any questions any time please feel free to discuss with the front desk staff or Email us at info@westonis.com.au with any points you wish to discuss.

We appreciate your co-operation and support at this time, in ensuring we can continue to enable everyone to enjoy sport, while at the same time maintaining an appropriate level of safety.

Management Team
Weston Indoor Sports

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